Flashback Friday ~ The Way It Should Be!







Love Diet Coke as much as sweets, toss up which is worse for me.

I have been trying to curtail my Diet Coke habit at the moment.

Believe my deprivation of Diet Coke led to this being the subject of the First Flashback Friday (Coca Cola Ads from the 60s and 70s.)

Do you remember Tab?  I can remember mourning the departure of Tab from grocery shelves, horrified at that beverage called Diet Coke.

What was your favorite vintage drink?  Do you still indulge?

If I could teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony… (sing along) grow apple trees and snow white turtle doves..  Coke is what the world wants today… (at least this chickie does!)

Still 50 and fat, hoping to be fabulous!



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Wouldn’t Believe it,…Would You?


So I have been thinking for sometime… If you were to go back 20+years and met the person you have become and the life that you had..

Would the younger version have any idea what lay in store for them and what effect it would have when you became the grownup you?

I could never have pictured the paths that life would lead me down.

Yes, I am nothing like the grown-up, I thought I would be.

The rose colored glasses came off much earlier then ever expected.

Why the post today?  I am hold listening to Bob Marley and reminded of a time when “everything’s” going to be alright was my mantra, left to me by someone who loved me so much, left way to soon their departure shaped the adult me.

I  pray everyday that everything will be alright.

It has been alright.  There have been downs, ups too.. all how you look at the glass.

The ups have been good the downs have almost drained my glass of optimism, through it all I have persevered.

Have become a tough person (not in the fighting sense); courageous (all the while, acutely anxious); hardworking, smiling too infrequently, less optimistic version of my younger self.

With just months to go before another Birthday, there is still much time to realize the dreams of  much younger me.

It is not too late to work, less, love more and be more, most importantly be happier, then my younger self ever imagined she would be.

Yes I would prefer to be the overly optimistic version of me, alas life is what you make it.

Time to put the rose colored glasses again.. why not aspire to have Luis Vuitton Rose Color Glasses? lol.louis-vuitton-grease-sunglasses--Z1044W_PM2_Front view




1970’s Teenager, Time Magazine

Sunglasses Louis Vuitton





Today we lost not only a legend in the music industry; we have lost a role model, Aretha Franklin.

So many lessons to be learned from her legacy, speaking wisdom like only the Queen could!

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Don’t say Aretha is making a comeback, because I’ve never been away!”

“Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift”

“We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It’s our basic human right.”

“Who hasn’t had a weight issue? If not the body, certainly the big head!”

“Sometimes, what you’re looking for is already there.”


Quote  Goal Cast

Photo Good Housekeeping 

No Filter



If you are old enough to enjoy this blog you remember the TV show the Nanny (80s sitcom, young-ins!)

Found a post on Grandma Yetta! A must read BuzzFeed Post

Reminded of how cool it can be to be over 50

My Top 10 Takeaways From Grandma Yetta’s legacy

(All Top 10 lists from hereon are to be read as if it is David Letterman reading)

  • Have no filter
  • Live like there is no tomorrow
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Wear what you want
  • Swear like a truck driver
  • Eat what you want (even when it’s a liver snap)
  • Be the most confident person in the room
  • Always have the last laugh
  • Most of all don’t give zero fucks ! 50 years or more on the planet and bless us we know life is much better when you just don’t give a fuck!
  • You woke up today it is a great day!

~ Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!



Inspiration and Photo of Grandma Yetta via Buzzfeed




Would You Rather?

I have not had any “work” done (yet???)

My mother passed away a few weeks after she turned 52.  Because of that I think my idea of aging and beauty may be different then most.

With each day that goes by the wrinklier my wrinkles become, I am grateful… I never got to see my mother’s wrinkles.  I am lucky to look in the mirror and see a face like hers, that is older and wiser then hers.

I would rather have blue hair and  the wrinkled face of a life well lived!

So would you rather embrace your face or do a little something, something to return your face to it’s former glory days?

No face-lift in my future!

~ Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!


Fabulously Funky Women’s Photo, via Woman Delice

Firm Face, via facial yoga exercise Natural Face Therapy

Wear these not those!

Just saw these, cute low heels.  A consummate preppy, I am drooling..


Before my injury I loved flats, pretty, dainty,  stylish and sometimes even sparkly little shoes each with their own personality.

Each day I would wake with thoughts of shoes dancing in my brain.. how would I express my style today with my shoes and bag.

While I really love the shoes…. I don’t need to worry about how frivolous a purchase they would be.. what they go with or any of the other mental gyrations we make before committing to a new pair of shoes.

Not sure that I will ever again, have much of a decision in terms of shoes.

Seems I am relegated to orthotic shoes.  Yes real orthotic shoes… not like my Aunt Shirley’s orthotics (thank God they literally looked as close to cement shoes as I have ever seen my family come to real cement shoes!)

Mine are really and truly orthotic shoes.. no hiding it no sugar coating it.

Have a lovely neighbor Sylvia, also of a certain age… who stopped me to tell me what cute shoes I had on, 🙂 really?   She said white sneakers are all the rage again.  Of course I know that.. still a fashionista (aspiring) my finger on the pulse of the most up to the minute styles, lol.  Not sure how I missed the reference to Orthotic shoes being in high demand!



My Reality 😦

Extra Extra Wide, as noted before when I do things really well!  Why be a wide? When a wide wide provides an extra challenge!

While I can and sometimes do pine for the days.. my clumsy self only had to forgo high heels..

I remind myself each day how truly blessed I am,  to put my extra extra wide sneakers on and walk some, if not as much as I wish I could.

There is much worse we can’t become fabulous without accepting even announcing the things we see in ourselves as a disability.

With the acceptance of our disability we can focus on our abilities.

A girl always needs a good bag and cute shoes.

That said … off to search the web for a cute bag!

~ Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!



Comfy Sneakers 

Honestly these are incredibly comfortable and aid in balance.

Don’t hesitate to try them, free returns.  Orthofeet


Why Can’t I find Weight Watchers Points?

Yummy, zero point dessert (lol) see below, 🙂

Recently I decided to tackle weight watchers.

As you can imagine, I am not out doing aerobics, running miles or even entering a food eating competition (told that requires vigorous training, it counts right)

With that said I get few Weight Watchers Points.

Lucky for me their new plan includes unlimited fruits and veggies, I love healthy food! Really, I prefer Portobello Burgers to Wagyu Burgers and not for the obvious reasons, given my girly figure.

So I’ve got it much easier then most.  I love to cook so cooking really healthy food is easy peasy.  Easy as pie!

That easy as pie thing is where it is falling apart.  (Love, love sweets.. it is a genetic thing, my tribe loves sweets) I can have a zero point day for my three meals, great the weight will melt off.

Finally a diet that will allow me to consume all of my calories, eating Twinkies, bonbons, pie (have I mentioned pie?)

I have looked high and low and can not find the points for Twinkies!

So if you can’t find the points that means they are zero points!

Good thing I am trying (emphasis on trying) to love myself.. even my chubby sweet loving self!

Still fat, hoping to be fabulous!

P.S. Cake is on my to do list, want the recipe?  Of Batter and Dough