It’s My Party!

When life treats you to another birthday, eat cake and celebrate you all year long


Someone is thankfully celebrating the gift of her birthday, this week!

So excited not for the fancy celebration (not happening) nor the huge gift.

I try to celebrate myself..

This is always the plan.. then.. I saw  Snoop Dog, getting his star on the Hollywood Walk last week.  Did you catch it?

Much to wisdom in his speech, to some narcissistic; to me a timely reminder to all of us we need to take the time to thank ourselves everyone has a gift (you need only to discover it) let the compliments fly.

He was all about thanking himself for his accomplishments. The range of accomplishments, vast from being charitable to working hard everyday and lots in between.

Gifts and toasts aplenty coming from my favorite person.. me..

Do I have a someone who loves me and will make my day special? Yes I am blessed

It is up to me to celebrate me.  To realize the progress made this year and much like Snoop thank myself for every accomplishment.  To eat a pretty cake that I order (control freak as well as commitment phobe) cake to be served aux deux on our finest antique china (Second Hand Rose).

Flowers sent from me to me, Diet Coke Toast and a gift.

Not sure how that makes Mr feel.. oh well he has been with me a long time and knows my curious ways.

Oh he remembers and does lovely things to celebrate in addition to putting up with the curiosities of me.

Perhaps two yummy cakes? Likely, 🙂 (there is a reason I am fifty and fat, emphasis on the latter).  OK.. half way to to the next decade not quite fifty.. blessed to be moving on up!

alcohol alcoholic anniversary beverage

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Need help picking my gift to me out! Suggestions welcome or another post soon.. with ideas for spoiling me.. hope I inspire you to celebrate you too.

Life should be for celebrating.. without celebrating you it is hard to get the party started.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Still Fifty Fat and Fabulous! 



The prettiest cakes I have ever seen, vintage, girly, just like me!!! by Leslea Matis Cakes (* if she weren’t in New Zealand, she would be baking my cake!)

Is it Really Procrastination? If…

Ever wonder if you suffer from crippling case of procrastination?


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I warned you upfront I am quirky (some might say eccentric, am I really old enough to be eccentric? yup)

How can a women of a certain age, who has made her bed as soon as she wakes up, and takes care of everything that arises over the course of a day be a procrastinator?  It is not that there is a sink full of dishes (OK, sometimes, 🙂 ) laundry to be put away etc.. sits..

Why am I in fear that I am suffering from procrastination (late-set)?

Where do I start?

Not sure if you read the post before this, Lesson Learned..  if so you know I used samples of cosmetics for more then a year.

Why did I continue to get samples which were not age appropriate (for me may be fine for others)?

Commitment I can’t commit, always looking for something better and afraid to make a decision.

I was literally woke up in a cold sweat (not a hot flash wake-up!) because I can’t decide on a lamp to purchase.

Clearly a lamp would improve the quality of my life.  Ever notice that as the years pass our need for light increases, or it could be the fact that we have so little sunshine these days.

Lamps are available to suit almost any budget, I do have a standing lamp fund (remember they are available for under $20)

My color palette will work with almost any color lamp.

What is the problem?  With literally hundreds and hundreds of choices

I realize it is a fear of commitment, I am not a procrastinator at all.

Uh oh that means I have a crippling fear of commitment even when purchasing a new lamp.

Expect more.. I am going to need help going forward committing to everything from make-up to lamps…

So, if you invite me out to dinner… expect me to order while you are eating dessert… how do I know what I want to eat? ~ until I see what your having!

Commitment Problems and All…

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Post Addendum:

I bought a lamp!!! Basic pharmacy standing lamp (great buy!!!), basic enough that I hope not to have any buyers remorse!

Spent the week thinking my father needs the new Ninja that is an air fryer and instant pot… no progress with that…. hey he doesn’t fry anything what’s the rush.. something better may be out tomorrow, 🙂

Took computer breaking beyond the point of a factory reset…  was sure I had at least a few more days to research the new computer (have been doing do for more then two weeks).. in less then 3 days I am typing this post on my new computer!!! (surviving the change so far, thank you!)

As to the Ninja, still thinking about it.. pondering the potential weight, it is going to be for my dad who is over fifty! ( 🙂 ) Likely he is the new 50!  If you know how heavy it is please let me know in the comments.

Some progress is being made or divine intervention to help with the choice of the two things desperately needed!


Lesson Learned?


close up photo of woman with make up

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Recently I posted about my affinity for “happy mail” including a make-up subscription.

Will start by saying again that I absolutely love getting these “glam bags”, filled with 5 samples of high end brands.

I love to try high end make-up trying trends I might not otherwise try.

The bags can be customized including selections for those of us young at heart.

My love of youtube unboxings, make finding a more mature unboxing a rare thing.

Have seen some bags that are for the vloggers mother’s comparison to their own.

Many of the products overlap and many are included in my bag that the younger gals are getting.

Cool, my nieces and nephews will think I am on trend, with glittery eye shadow in orange (think fruit) eyeshadow.

So as noted in my earlier post I am not that cool and will not wear orange eyeshadow and other trendy makeup.

Fast forward why the rambling about getting this bag of miscellaneous bag of samples:

I had received a super duper mascara  (the kind promising the thickest lashest you have ever had!) …

Who could resist (my lashes seem nonexistent)?

Last week we went to dinner, in my desire to be fabulous a full face of makeup and new sweater!  Of course it is time to pull out the make-up promising the biggest payoff.

After applying said super lash mascara I had as promised the thickest lashes of my 40 years of wearing makeup.

Awesome! I am looking fab (all a matter of opinion I was trying!)

When we got home I removed my make-up and went back to work.

I noticed that I seemed to have remnants of mascara which despite trying to remove the mascara again, still while I couldn’t see it, my eye lashes were somehow not like my lashes were pre super duper mascara.

A week later and still some remains, with each passing day more and more comes off.  My eyes are seemingly drier then pre super duper mascara.

Blessedy this is the lesson I need and need to share..

Lets vow not to try the latest brands and in sometimes the latest trends…

In thinking about my sensitive skin (still prone to breakout, crazy right?)  I am lucky I have not had more reactions.

My plan is to by full size products of the quality I have always used.  There is something to be said about the old line brands.

In the next week or so I will share what I will be using.

My trash this week will be full of samples.

Of course there are non make-up subscriptions, an excuse to try another one!

Despite the mascara mishap still,

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Cultivating What Matters

Fabulousity it seems requires some semblance of organization.

For the first 53 years of life I could not understand the need for a planner.

On a whim (Ok, a clearance find at TJMAXX) I bought a really pretty planner and yes I got a case of buyers remorse clearance or no clearance felt like something that would sit on my desk with little other then the occasional doodle.

Almost a year later, I am proud to say I am shopping for a planner this year!  This time I am not going to wait to get whatever is available for a rock bottom price.

I have long been an admirer of the young women who began a magazine one of the prettiest in the bridal industry, Southern Bride.

Some years ago she began a planner company.

She is a joyous person, always on a mission to be the best she can be and empowering others.  Sounds like we are friends sadly not.. just an older lady impressed by a younger lady who seems to be able to transform her dreams to reality!

Seems she has expanded her products from just planners, to include inspirational cards, tape, books, etc.

The designs are nothing short of cheery.

A proven process that works. (hopefully for my sake, lol)

It seems to be a planner on steroids, am I women enough? I will let you know not so sure!

12 months of intentional goal-setting worksheets to help you make your goals a reality.

The signature PowerSheets Prep™️ process to uncover the right goals for your season of life.

Trusted goal coaching on every page so you stay motivated and on track.

Seasonal worksheets to refresh and refocus your goals each season.

Exclusive access to a free library of downloadable Wildcard pages to help you customize your goals, including a meal planner, finance tracker, reading list, monthly calendar, budget, and more!

183 pages, dated workbook with January 2019 start date, measures 8.5 x 10 inches, printed on high-quality 120 gsm paper.

Inspiring design, a full page of signature goal-setting stickers, and so much more!

Bonus materials! “Word of the Year” card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card.

“Threads” section to help you simplify your focus and goals for the year.

Fine-tuned Goal Action Plan pages with a new “Break It Down” section.

BONUS: A week of goal coaching in December to get you ready for 2019!  Say What?? Goal Coaching, yes please!

Write the Word Journals

Given the tenor of the world, I have just ordered my Cultivate What Matters Planner.. with any luck and a bit of organization.. I will achieve a modem of fabulousity!

Until then,

Still Fifty, Fat and Hoping to be Fabulous! shutterstock_172399109 (1)



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Decent Hairstyles for Women Over 50

What a title, 🙂 cringe worthy actually.


The right hair styles

Tomorrow is a big day, time for a haircut!

Hair Style Ideas US


Hair Style Ideas US

Exciting Best Best Hairstyle Fine Hair Ideas Styles & Ideas 2018 sperr Also Hairstyles For Fine Thin Hair Over 50 Snap




     I wanted to take a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like.

In googling hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair.

All were stunning and sure to highlight what I have..

The author referred to the styles as decent.

Why only decent?  Is it because we are older?

Why can’t my fine thin hair be fabulous?



Fortunately I have all the hair mother nature deems I need..

Unfortunately, there are many with no hair many because of illness.

They have far more to  worry about then fine hair.

I refuse to have a decent hairstyle when I can have a fabulous attitude!

My fabulous attitude will render my haircut nothing short of fier<#ce!


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Autumn Bouquet Recipe


For those who don’t know I am a wedding planner/travel agent.

This week I published a post with really beautiful bouquets for fall weddings (linked if like me you love floral design)

While researching for that post, I came across the Autumn Bouquet Recipe.  I think it is a great resource so you can go to a craft store, florist etc. and ask for/look for the flowers of autumn by name.

Interesting color palette for the fall.

I see winter in this palette more then fall.

Wanted to share it with those not planning a wedding.. again because it is really beautiful, more then that:

I have not taken advantage of my passion for creating things, not just on the computer but also the garden, kitchen and “craft room” (table,  will share in another post.. prepare to be underwhelmed)

Oh gosh again I am rambling.  Bottom line I need to make more flower arrangements, soups, plant more flowers, etc.  By golly if I garner enough inspiration it will happen (maybe?)

Do you like the colors in the palette for your home for fall?  What colors do you prefer if these don’t float your boat?  I am more team orange, red and purple..  (maybe, jury is still out)

We shall all see.. working on an arrangement now, will share soon.  Oh I have to decide on the color first (lol)

I hope as the weather changes you take time for you, smell the roses and enjoy the flowers of autumn!

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100 Layer Cake

What’s in Your Bag (Ipsy Edition)


Who doesn’t love to get happy mail?

Remember the days of waiting for the mailman to deliver the latest Seventeen or Tiger-Beat?  I do and rue the days my heart throbs, were replaced with well, grown-up mail.. then I found subscription, boxes and bags, oh my!

My first subscription and currently my only.  Though this week I am going to add to my happy mail and try a few more subscriptions.

The cool thing about the subscriptions, you can cancel after a month.

You can see if it is worth it for you to stick with it or you would be better trying another one.

I have been getting Ipsy for 2 years (?)

For those not familiar with Ipsy, it is:

A monthly subscription service that is $10 per month and provides subscribers with a makeup bag of five cosmetic samples. The products include skincare items, perfumes, nail and skin products, and makeup. via, Wikipedia

This month I received:

Masquerade themed bag (more red then pink.. photographing pink)

Space Case Blush, Cosmic Gangster

III Space Defence Eyelift Gel (OK so I thought it was a hideous color lip gloss.. cracking up! I just read what it was .. when I was listing the products..

Hmm, wonder what that would have felt like?  A fifty fat and fabulous moment.. how funny would that be, tiny print resulting in me rocking eye-lift gel on my lips?  I would have thought the tingling sensation was a little lip plumping action)

I am frightening myself, can’t stop laughing..

Back to the bag, I got:

Tarte, Contouring Tape (sounds like something I would need to watch a YouTube on to figure out how or better yet, why one uses contouring tape?

Glow Pro Stellar Highlighter (yes this one is really practical .. a nice metallic silver highlighter)

The Balm, Take Home the Bronze in Oliver

Will let you know what I think of the products soon.  Not sure anyone will want to be seen with me after I figure this one out.. seems better for a 20 something..

Do you subscribe to Ipsy or any of the other make-up subscription boxes?  If you do.. how many of the products do you use?  What do you do with the things you are not going to try and the bags?

Must admit that I have no use for 12 makeup bags a year, nor 60 samples..

imag3648 (1)

(not my makeup, drawer .. though similar, :))

Would love to find somewhere to donate the samples that I don’t use.

I am going to save the bags, samples and send them to an organization that helps women get back in the work force etc.?

If you know of an organization to donate them to, let me know.

A  tiny present to myself (part of being fabulous)..  Donating the Samples = Fabulous!

Still Fifty, Fat hoping to be fabulous!shutterstock_172399109 (1)



Happy Mail, is an adorable printable by Illustrator,  Olya Schmidt  

Check-out her Instagram Page some people are so talented!

Make-up Drawer, KC You There