Is it Really Procrastination? If…

Ever wonder if you suffer from crippling case of procrastination?


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I warned you upfront I am quirky (some might say eccentric, am I really old enough to be eccentric? yup)

How can a women of a certain age, who has made her bed as soon as she wakes up, and takes care of everything that arises over the course of a day be a procrastinator?  It is not that there is a sink full of dishes (OK, sometimes, 🙂 ) laundry to be put away etc.. sits..

Why am I in fear that I am suffering from procrastination (late-set)?

Where do I start?

Not sure if you read the post before this, Lesson Learned..  if so you know I used samples of cosmetics for more then a year.

Why did I continue to get samples which were not age appropriate (for me may be fine for others)?

Commitment I can’t commit, always looking for something better and afraid to make a decision.

I was literally woke up in a cold sweat (not a hot flash wake-up!) because I can’t decide on a lamp to purchase.

Clearly a lamp would improve the quality of my life.  Ever notice that as the years pass our need for light increases, or it could be the fact that we have so little sunshine these days.

Lamps are available to suit almost any budget, I do have a standing lamp fund (remember they are available for under $20)

My color palette will work with almost any color lamp.

What is the problem?  With literally hundreds and hundreds of choices

I realize it is a fear of commitment, I am not a procrastinator at all.

Uh oh that means I have a crippling fear of commitment even when purchasing a new lamp.

Expect more.. I am going to need help going forward committing to everything from make-up to lamps…

So, if you invite me out to dinner… expect me to order while you are eating dessert… how do I know what I want to eat? ~ until I see what your having!

Commitment Problems and All…

Still Fifty, Fat and Hoping to be Fabulous! shutterstock_172399109 (1)


Post Addendum:

I bought a lamp!!! Basic pharmacy standing lamp (great buy!!!), basic enough that I hope not to have any buyers remorse!

Spent the week thinking my father needs the new Ninja that is an air fryer and instant pot… no progress with that…. hey he doesn’t fry anything what’s the rush.. something better may be out tomorrow, 🙂

Took computer breaking beyond the point of a factory reset…  was sure I had at least a few more days to research the new computer (have been doing do for more then two weeks).. in less then 3 days I am typing this post on my new computer!!! (surviving the change so far, thank you!)

As to the Ninja, still thinking about it.. pondering the potential weight, it is going to be for my dad who is over fifty! ( 🙂 ) Likely he is the new 50!  If you know how heavy it is please let me know in the comments.

Some progress is being made or divine intervention to help with the choice of the two things desperately needed!