Autumn Bouquet Recipe


For those who don’t know I am a wedding planner/travel agent.

This week I published a post with really beautiful bouquets for fall weddings (linked if like me you love floral design)

While researching for that post, I came across the Autumn Bouquet Recipe.  I think it is a great resource so you can go to a craft store, florist etc. and ask for/look for the flowers of autumn by name.

Interesting color palette for the fall.

I see winter in this palette more then fall.

Wanted to share it with those not planning a wedding.. again because it is really beautiful, more then that:

I have not taken advantage of my passion for creating things, not just on the computer but also the garden, kitchen and “craft room” (table,  will share in another post.. prepare to be underwhelmed)

Oh gosh again I am rambling.  Bottom line I need to make more flower arrangements, soups, plant more flowers, etc.  By golly if I garner enough inspiration it will happen (maybe?)

Do you like the colors in the palette for your home for fall?  What colors do you prefer if these don’t float your boat?  I am more team orange, red and purple..  (maybe, jury is still out)

We shall all see.. working on an arrangement now, will share soon.  Oh I have to decide on the color first (lol)

I hope as the weather changes you take time for you, smell the roses and enjoy the flowers of autumn!

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