The Lady in the Mirror

3fecfe09d5e1cc352cfdb17d5d41776bImage via Pinterest, can’t track back to it’s owner

Oh man, what a Coincidence?

I have a crazy old lady in front of my mirror!

Don’t you dare tell my ghost (please!) Seems no matter the magic lotions used, how many makeup consultations, trendy hair and clothes, she is OLD!

Old in the best of ways!  She knows that beauty comes from within.  You are as old as you feel (OK, absent the aches, etc that come with age)

She was given another day to slay!

Slay she will, positive attitude in tow looking like the “girl” in the mirror.

Wearing a PLUS size outfit, cute and classic.  A cane to coordinate to the outfit, a limp to coordinate with the cane.. cute hair, nails, jewelry and makeup…

She will forget the clunky shoes and cane.. they will be replaced by the dreams of a young women…

One who still believes she can change the world with a kind word and a smile.

Bumper Sticker, Amazon

If only I could change the world, and be forever young and forever fabulous..

Unlikely that my positive vibes and peace signs are going to change the world.. or even stave off the aging process!

I still plan to  smile every chance I get; optimistically thinking I will change the world.

I will embrace the old lady and thank her for the wisdom she imparts on my younger self!

That said time for her to go back from where she came,  I am a bit of a narcissist (far from it) but I do enjoy the vision of the younger women looking back at me!


Still 50, Fat and Hoping to be Fabulous! shutterstock_172399109 (1)



The Urban Dictionary defines to “Slay” as to kill it!








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