It’s My Party!

When life treats you to another birthday, eat cake and celebrate you all year long


Someone is thankfully celebrating the gift of her birthday, this week!

So excited not for the fancy celebration (not happening) nor the huge gift.

I try to celebrate myself..

This is always the plan.. then.. I saw  Snoop Dog, getting his star on the Hollywood Walk last week.  Did you catch it?

Much to wisdom in his speech, to some narcissistic; to me a timely reminder to all of us we need to take the time to thank ourselves everyone has a gift (you need only to discover it) let the compliments fly.

He was all about thanking himself for his accomplishments. The range of accomplishments, vast from being charitable to working hard everyday and lots in between.

Gifts and toasts aplenty coming from my favorite person.. me..

Do I have a someone who loves me and will make my day special? Yes I am blessed

It is up to me to celebrate me.  To realize the progress made this year and much like Snoop thank myself for every accomplishment.  To eat a pretty cake that I order (control freak as well as commitment phobe) cake to be served aux deux on our finest antique china (Second Hand Rose).

Flowers sent from me to me, Diet Coke Toast and a gift.

Not sure how that makes Mr feel.. oh well he has been with me a long time and knows my curious ways.

Oh he remembers and does lovely things to celebrate in addition to putting up with the curiosities of me.

Perhaps two yummy cakes? Likely, 🙂 (there is a reason I am fifty and fat, emphasis on the latter).  OK.. half way to to the next decade not quite fifty.. blessed to be moving on up!

alcohol alcoholic anniversary beverage

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Need help picking my gift to me out! Suggestions welcome or another post soon.. with ideas for spoiling me.. hope I inspire you to celebrate you too.

Life should be for celebrating.. without celebrating you it is hard to get the party started.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

shutterstock_172399109 (1)

Still Fifty Fat and Fabulous! 



The prettiest cakes I have ever seen, vintage, girly, just like me!!! by Leslea Matis Cakes (* if she weren’t in New Zealand, she would be baking my cake!)


2 thoughts on “It’s My Party!

  1. Thank you!! Your replies are always so funny . yup kindered.. funny you found me via weddings (planning no weddings, lol) So the husband has not commitment issue (lol) glad you found your gift!!! Enjoy today, 🙂

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