Lesson Learned?


close up photo of woman with make up

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Recently I posted about my affinity for “happy mail” including a make-up subscription.

Will start by saying again that I absolutely love getting these “glam bags”, filled with 5 samples of high end brands.

I love to try high end make-up trying trends I might not otherwise try.

The bags can be customized including selections for those of us young at heart.

My love of youtube unboxings, make finding a more mature unboxing a rare thing.

Have seen some bags that are for the vloggers mother’s comparison to their own.

Many of the products overlap and many are included in my bag that the younger gals are getting.

Cool, my nieces and nephews will think I am on trend, with glittery eye shadow in orange (think fruit) eyeshadow.

So as noted in my earlier post I am not that cool and will not wear orange eyeshadow and other trendy makeup.

Fast forward why the rambling about getting this bag of miscellaneous bag of samples:

I had received a super duper mascara  (the kind promising the thickest lashest you have ever had!) …

Who could resist (my lashes seem nonexistent)?

Last week we went to dinner, in my desire to be fabulous a full face of makeup and new sweater!  Of course it is time to pull out the make-up promising the biggest payoff.

After applying said super lash mascara I had as promised the thickest lashes of my 40 years of wearing makeup.

Awesome! I am looking fab (all a matter of opinion I was trying!)

When we got home I removed my make-up and went back to work.

I noticed that I seemed to have remnants of mascara which despite trying to remove the mascara again, still while I couldn’t see it, my eye lashes were somehow not like my lashes were pre super duper mascara.

A week later and still some remains, with each passing day more and more comes off.  My eyes are seemingly drier then pre super duper mascara.

Blessedy this is the lesson I need and need to share..

Lets vow not to try the latest brands and in sometimes the latest trends…

In thinking about my sensitive skin (still prone to breakout, crazy right?)  I am lucky I have not had more reactions.

My plan is to by full size products of the quality I have always used.  There is something to be said about the old line brands.

In the next week or so I will share what I will be using.

My trash this week will be full of samples.

Of course there are non make-up subscriptions, an excuse to try another one!

Despite the mascara mishap still,

Fifty, Fat, Hoping to be Fabulous!   shutterstock_172399109 (1)









2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned?

  1. I laugh with you because my skin is so sensitive in mid-life, I cleanse with pulverized oats and dried milk and wear only pure mineral pigment to even things out. I make up for this spare look with Crayola-hued clothing. I figure I’m old enough to go for quirky. 🙂

    • Still feeling like there are remnants of mascara.. waiting on this months Ipsy bag.. I must hit the cancel button.. have not, 🙂

      Wow, cool cleanser!!! I use Aveeno Lavender (something like that) I have used it for a very long time. Gentle (love)..

      Can’t use moisturizer like most our age… my skin is still going through the awkward teen phase, 🙂 I always wonder if I will regret having super greasy skin to avoid future wrinkles.. Hope the teenage skin helps like moisturizer.

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