Cultivating What Matters

Fabulousity it seems requires some semblance of organization.

For the first 53 years of life I could not understand the need for a planner.

On a whim (Ok, a clearance find at TJMAXX) I bought a really pretty planner and yes I got a case of buyers remorse clearance or no clearance felt like something that would sit on my desk with little other then the occasional doodle.

Almost a year later, I am proud to say I am shopping for a planner this year!  This time I am not going to wait to get whatever is available for a rock bottom price.

I have long been an admirer of the young women who began a magazine one of the prettiest in the bridal industry, Southern Bride.

Some years ago she began a planner company.

She is a joyous person, always on a mission to be the best she can be and empowering others.  Sounds like we are friends sadly not.. just an older lady impressed by a younger lady who seems to be able to transform her dreams to reality!

Seems she has expanded her products from just planners, to include inspirational cards, tape, books, etc.

The designs are nothing short of cheery.

A proven process that works. (hopefully for my sake, lol)

It seems to be a planner on steroids, am I women enough? I will let you know not so sure!

12 months of intentional goal-setting worksheets to help you make your goals a reality.

The signature PowerSheets Prep™️ process to uncover the right goals for your season of life.

Trusted goal coaching on every page so you stay motivated and on track.

Seasonal worksheets to refresh and refocus your goals each season.

Exclusive access to a free library of downloadable Wildcard pages to help you customize your goals, including a meal planner, finance tracker, reading list, monthly calendar, budget, and more!

183 pages, dated workbook with January 2019 start date, measures 8.5 x 10 inches, printed on high-quality 120 gsm paper.

Inspiring design, a full page of signature goal-setting stickers, and so much more!

Bonus materials! “Word of the Year” card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card.

“Threads” section to help you simplify your focus and goals for the year.

Fine-tuned Goal Action Plan pages with a new “Break It Down” section.

BONUS: A week of goal coaching in December to get you ready for 2019!  Say What?? Goal Coaching, yes please!

Write the Word Journals

Given the tenor of the world, I have just ordered my Cultivate What Matters Planner.. with any luck and a bit of organization.. I will achieve a modem of fabulousity!

Until then,

Still Fifty, Fat and Hoping to be Fabulous! shutterstock_172399109 (1)



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4 thoughts on “Cultivating What Matters

    • Happy Friday! My computer has been on hiatus! If you see my next post you will see why it took a week to commit, 🙂 lol. Telling you in some way we are kindred spirits. Yesterday while looking at my “planner” I realize I don’t do dates, basically a rambling bunch of sticky pads together in one place (only one thing to look for!) Good thing I have not yet committed to even a planner.

  1. lol, 🙂 (true that.. no children, noone to wonder where I left my mind… let alone keys!! You too a blessed weekend for you and yours!

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