Decent Hairstyles for Women Over 50

What a title, 🙂 cringe worthy actually.


The right hair styles

Tomorrow is a big day, time for a haircut!

Hair Style Ideas US


Hair Style Ideas US

Exciting Best Best Hairstyle Fine Hair Ideas Styles & Ideas 2018 sperr Also Hairstyles For Fine Thin Hair Over 50 Snap




     I wanted to take a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like.

In googling hairstyles for women over 50 with fine hair.

All were stunning and sure to highlight what I have..

The author referred to the styles as decent.

Why only decent?  Is it because we are older?

Why can’t my fine thin hair be fabulous?



Fortunately I have all the hair mother nature deems I need..

Unfortunately, there are many with no hair many because of illness.

They have far more to  worry about then fine hair.

I refuse to have a decent hairstyle when I can have a fabulous attitude!

My fabulous attitude will render my haircut nothing short of fier<#ce!


Still fifty, fat and hoping to be fabulous! shutterstock_172399109 (1)






3 thoughts on “Decent Hairstyles for Women Over 50

    • Hi Nora! I hope you are having a nice week so far! Hmm went with number 1ish.. Must say I have picked up a small watering can.. with any luck and frequent watering it will grow quickly! Lol..not sure if I edited it out (believe I did) this hair thing is the result of my hair dresser having an injury and going to someone new. Love her, eh will work it out eventually, believe when it is a bit longer (less pixie) it will be cute. Have a great night!

      • I’m sure it looks better than you think! I actually cut my own hair. It’s so curly it’s hard to tell the difference between a pro and office scissors in the bathroom mirror. 🙂

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