Wouldn’t Believe it,…Would You?


So I have been thinking for sometime… If you were to go back 20+years and met the person you have become and the life that you had..

Would the younger version have any idea what lay in store for them and what effect it would have when you became the grownup you?

I could never have pictured the paths that life would lead me down.

Yes, I am nothing like the grown-up, I thought I would be.

The rose colored glasses came off much earlier then ever expected.

Why the post today?  I am hold listening to Bob Marley and reminded of a time when “everything’s” going to be alright was my mantra, left to me by someone who loved me so much, left way to soon their departure shaped the adult me.

I  pray everyday that everything will be alright.

It has been alright.  There have been downs, ups too.. all how you look at the glass.

The ups have been good the downs have almost drained my glass of optimism, through it all I have persevered.

Have become a tough person (not in the fighting sense); courageous (all the while, acutely anxious); hardworking, smiling too infrequently, less optimistic version of my younger self.

With just months to go before another Birthday, there is still much time to realize the dreams of  much younger me.

It is not too late to work, less, love more and be more, most importantly be happier, then my younger self ever imagined she would be.

Yes I would prefer to be the overly optimistic version of me, alas life is what you make it.

Time to put the rose colored glasses again.. why not aspire to have Luis Vuitton Rose Color Glasses? lol.louis-vuitton-grease-sunglasses--Z1044W_PM2_Front view




1970’s Teenager, Time Magazine

Sunglasses Louis Vuitton




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