Would You Rather?

I have not had any “work” done (yet???)

My mother passed away a few weeks after she turned 52.  Because of that I think my idea of aging and beauty may be different then most.

With each day that goes by the wrinklier my wrinkles become, I am grateful… I never got to see my mother’s wrinkles.  I am lucky to look in the mirror and see a face like hers, that is older and wiser then hers.

I would rather have blue hair and  the wrinkled face of a life well lived!

So would you rather embrace your face or do a little something, something to return your face to it’s former glory days?

No face-lift in my future!

~ Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!


Fabulously Funky Women’s Photo, via Woman Delice

Firm Face, via facial yoga exercise Natural Face Therapy


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