Why Can’t I find Weight Watchers Points?

Yummy, zero point dessert (lol) see below, 🙂

Recently I decided to tackle weight watchers.

As you can imagine, I am not out doing aerobics, running miles or even entering a food eating competition (told that requires vigorous training, it counts right)

With that said I get few Weight Watchers Points.

Lucky for me their new plan includes unlimited fruits and veggies, I love healthy food! Really, I prefer Portobello Burgers to Wagyu Burgers and not for the obvious reasons, given my girly figure.

So I’ve got it much easier then most.  I love to cook so cooking really healthy food is easy peasy.  Easy as pie!

That easy as pie thing is where it is falling apart.  (Love, love sweets.. it is a genetic thing, my tribe loves sweets) I can have a zero point day for my three meals, great the weight will melt off.

Finally a diet that will allow me to consume all of my calories, eating Twinkies, bonbons, pie (have I mentioned pie?)

I have looked high and low and can not find the points for Twinkies!

So if you can’t find the points that means they are zero points!

Good thing I am trying (emphasis on trying) to love myself.. even my chubby sweet loving self!

Still fat, hoping to be fabulous!

P.S. Cake is on my to do list, want the recipe?  Of Batter and Dough


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