Wear these not those!

Just saw these, cute low heels.  A consummate preppy, I am drooling..


Before my injury I loved flats, pretty, dainty,  stylish and sometimes even sparkly little shoes each with their own personality.

Each day I would wake with thoughts of shoes dancing in my brain.. how would I express my style today with my shoes and bag.

While I really love the shoes…. I don’t need to worry about how frivolous a purchase they would be.. what they go with or any of the other mental gyrations we make before committing to a new pair of shoes.

Not sure that I will ever again, have much of a decision in terms of shoes.

Seems I am relegated to orthotic shoes.  Yes real orthotic shoes… not like my Aunt Shirley’s orthotics (thank God they literally looked as close to cement shoes as I have ever seen my family come to real cement shoes!)

Mine are really and truly orthotic shoes.. no hiding it no sugar coating it.

Have a lovely neighbor Sylvia, also of a certain age… who stopped me to tell me what cute shoes I had on, 🙂 really?   She said white sneakers are all the rage again.  Of course I know that.. still a fashionista (aspiring) my finger on the pulse of the most up to the minute styles, lol.  Not sure how I missed the reference to Orthotic shoes being in high demand!



My Reality 😦

Extra Extra Wide, as noted before when I do things really well!  Why be a wide? When a wide wide provides an extra challenge!

While I can and sometimes do pine for the days.. my clumsy self only had to forgo high heels..

I remind myself each day how truly blessed I am,  to put my extra extra wide sneakers on and walk some, if not as much as I wish I could.

There is much worse we can’t become fabulous without accepting even announcing the things we see in ourselves as a disability.

With the acceptance of our disability we can focus on our abilities.

A girl always needs a good bag and cute shoes.

That said … off to search the web for a cute bag!

~ Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!



Comfy Sneakers 

Honestly these are incredibly comfortable and aid in balance.

Don’t hesitate to try them, free returns.  Orthofeet



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