More Fearless than Fabulous



So …  5  years after being inspired to embrace my fabulousness (OK, regaining some if not all of my fabulousity)

With the best intentions of sharing that journey, if you do the quick math you will note I did not blog when I turned 50, 51, 52, 53 and by golly with months to go until 55 I am going to get this blog party started.

More then ever I know I need this blog.  I hope if you have landed here you will find this a place to journey through the ups and downs together.

I will share much more, for now… I was in the process of adjusting to my new home (a big change, many reasons) when less then three months in, not a clue where to hang my pictures let alone my hat..

Do to err unforseen circumstances (did I mention, I am super klutzy and horribly uncoordinated) so with those things in mind.. I managed to miss a stair and broke my ankle.  When I do things I aim for perfection.  Falling was no exception, unfortunately it has result in my suffering with a hard to say disability.

No longer is walking something taken for granted.  Thank God, I am still able to walk.  I may not be able to do the things I long to do.. but damn it I am going to be fabulous.

If you have read this far, you to realize being 50 means working at being fabulous.

Lets enjoy the journey together. There is so much to do, we have accomplished so much.. I know you are cringing at that one.. lol.. I feel that way too..

Together we can inspire each other to stay fabulous, we are!

And if noone ever sees this it will be a personal journey of embracing who I am and who I want to become!

Realizing the only way to face life from here on in is with an attitude and aptitude for being fearless.

There is much that I have not said.. so join me wont you.   Promise to share my tales, and struggle to become the person I know I am.

Still fat and hoping to be fabulous!




Photo: via    We Heart Vintage





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